Defending the Sabbath

Friday, July 16, 2021

25-27 “You must get this right: The time has arrived—I mean right now!—when dead men and women will hear the voice of the Son of God and, hearing, will come alive. Just as the Father has life in himself, he has conferred on the Son life in himself. And he has given him the authority, simply because he is the Son of Man, to decide and carry out matters of Judgment.

28-29 “Don’t act so surprised at all this. The time is coming when everyone dead and buried will hear his voice. Those who have lived the right way will walk out into a resurrection Life; those who have lived the wrong way, into a resurrection Judgment.

30-33 “I can’t do a solitary thing on my own: I listen, then I decide. You can trust my decision because I’m not out to get my own way but only to carry out orders. If I were simply speaking on my own account, it would be an empty, self-serving witness. But an independent witness confirms me, the most reliable witness of all. Furthermore, you all saw and heard John, and he gave expert and reliable testimony about me, didn’t he?

34-38 “But my purpose is not to get your vote, and not to appeal to mere human testimony. I’m speaking to you this way so that you will be saved. John was a torch, blazing and bright, and you were glad enough to dance for an hour or so in his bright light. But the witness that really confirms me far exceeds John’s witness. It’s the work the Father gave me to complete. As I go about achieving them, these same tasks confirm that the Father, in fact, sent me. The Father who sent me assured me. And you missed it. You never heard his voice; you never saw his appearance. There is nothing left in your memory of his Message because you do not take his Messenger seriously.

-John 5:25-38 The Message

Jesus is continuing to explain his answer after working on the Sabbath day. He continues by saying, “very honestly, I tell you a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live.” The dead will hear my voice, which means that the spiritually dead listen, understand, and accept him. Those that receive Jesus and the word will have eternal life. Now, Jesus is also talking about the physically dead. Jesus raised several dead people while he was on earth, and in his second coming, all the dead in Christ will meet him. (1 Thessalonians 4:16)

Jesus continued: “For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also have life in himself. And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son of Man.” The source of and Creator of life we all know is God. There is no life apart from God ever! The gift we have is life from God. (Deuteronomy 30:20, Psalm 36:9) Jesus is eternally existent with God and the Creator; that is also “the life,” which we will see when we live forever. (1 John 5:11)

“And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son on Man.” So if we look back to the old testament, there are three signs of the Messiah coming. John shows that Jesus did fulfill all three signs.

  1. The power and authority are given to him as the Son of Man. (5:27, Daniel 7:13, 14)
  2. Lame and sick are healed. (5:20, 21, Isaiah 35:6, Jeremiah 31:8-9)
  3. The dead are raised to life. (5:21, 28, Deuteronomy 32:39, 1 Samuel 2:6, 2 Kings 5:7)

Moving on in Jesus’ explanation. “Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out. Those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned.” Many people have rebelled against Christ. The result is they are resurrected, but God’s Judgment against them and to be sentenced to eternity apart from him. Therefore, it is essential to learn about him and decide if you believe in him or not. We also wish to live well on earth but ignore God and then see death as a final rest. We can’t believe people to see death as the end of it all. There is the Judgment to face when that happens.

Jesus went on: “By myself, I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and My Judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me. Therefore, if I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid.” In verse 18, Jesus said he is equal to God. He also gives eternal life, which he mentioned in verse 25, and he is the source of energy, which is mentioned in verse 26. He is to judge sin in verse 27. John the Baptist supported these statements that were made by Jesus. Jesus is claiming to be divine. Where are you? Jesus is looking for you. He is looking to help you with your life and make it better for you. Reach out to your Pastor or a local Pastor to help if you don’t have a church home.

Father, thank you for doing so much even on the Sabbath day. The Sabbath day can be a day when you don’t have to do anything, but you still defend us to the end. Thank you for your love. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Author: Darren Watts

My name is Darren. I started sharing devotions in June 2019. As one of the ministry leaders at my church. One reason why I started devotions is because of the lack of inspiration and motivation in our lives. It is hard to be encouraged with a lot of negativity going around. I invite you to be encouraged by the word of God. Our struggles can be personal, at the workplace, and the lack of community in our lives. When we go through hard times, we need the word of God. Please read them and be encouraged. I also started a podcast talking about racism and discrimination. Please take a moment to check that out as well. Afternoon Coffee Break with Darren Watts.

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