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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sincerity Having Peace Darren’s Blog Post. 04/06/2022 5:00pm

An Obstacle Course

I have always been good about not letting distractions get to me. But in the previous blog, I mentioned a distraction that allowed me to do more exercise than intended and find out what it is in the next blog. ( Here it is.

It is awkward for me to talk about this, but I will say something about it because it can happen to the best of us. At the time, two women got my attention. They work out, take good care of themselves, and are not afraid to show it. Trying to keep my eyes focused didn’t happen the way I wanted. It was unmotivating to continue, but at the same time, it was motivating because the work you put in is the result you get. I hear that you are what you eat; you are what you are studying. If you are working out, your results will show. If you work at what you are learning in life, you will get your desired results. If you eat healthily and maintain a diet, your body will show your results.

My distraction allowed me to temporarily say, “I don’t want to come back anymore.” It honestly did. So instead of not coming back, I decided to change my time of arrival so I won’t have to be distracted. You have to remove distractions to achieve. That’s what I had to do. It worked for the most part. When studying, you have to remove distractions; tv, music, being interrupted, phone. It is no different than anything else you are working on to remove distractions. Because these two ladies distracted me, I had to change my time of coming in. I started working out at home on Sundays because the distraction would drive me not to work out. It was an excellent distraction to continue to work out, but my staring did not help it. So I had to make a change. If you have to make it change, there is nothing wrong with it. Go for it.

Let’s continue on to the week of Monday, September 6, 2021. As a recap, I’m tired of seeing 300+, and I am upset that the workouts are not working out quickly. However, I have to be reminded to be patient and still keep working. I have no workout plan, no weight goals, nothing. I just started working out. It’s a good motivation, but I need to be sure that I am writing this stuff down to follow through and be more successful. You will see my goals here soon. So, here are my workout results for this week. For this week, I burned, on average, 1,192 calories; I worked out for an average of 48 minutes. I didn’t record anything I ate, but I know what I ate only because I eat the same thing. This week, I ate my routine every day. Breakfast: sausage, eggs, hot cereal. Lunch: some days, cottage cheese and grapes or nothing at all. Dinner: Pasta, salad, chicken. It’s a short list, but it varied what type of pasta I ate throughout the week. And I wonder why weight loss is a problem! That’s gonna change, though.

Exercise Result by day:

Monday: 1,305 calories burned, 57 minutes of exercise

Tuesday: 1,375 calories burned, 57 minutes of exercise

Wednesday: 1,132 calories burned, 45 minutes of exercise

Thursday: 1,087 calories burned, 43 minutes of exercise

Friday: 1,130 calories burned, 57 minutes of exercise

Saturday: 1,006 calories burned, 46 minutes of exercise

Sunday: 1,312 calories burned, 36 minutes of exercise

Yesterday, I weighed myself and gained 2lbs. I’m up +2, at 305lbs.

The week of September 13 – September 19: I did not record anything for this week. However, I did record exercises and times. Food is typical for me to remember because I don’t change my eating habits. Well, not yet. I’ll start off with food this week. Breakfast: sausage, eggs, hot cereal, this time oatmeal. Lunch: either cottage cheese and grapes or nothing. Dinner: Meat, a little bit of pasta, and salad. It was more meat this time. Chicken, Turkey burgers, baked chicken, etc. Keep in mind that I’m not really changing my eating habits. I’m going to work out without a plan. Let’s look at the stats for the week. I burned an average of 1,521 calories this week and exercised an average of 72 minutes. Nothing changed from the standpoint of a machine; I’m still doing the treadmill and the stationary bike.

Results by the day

Monday: 1,157 calories burned, 56 minutes of exercise

Tuesday: 1,380 calories burned, 51 minutes of exercise

Wednesday: 1,222 calories burned, 51 minutes of exercise

Thursday: 1,678 calories burned, 85 minutes of exercise

Friday: 1,748 calories burned, 86 minutes of exercise

Saturday: 1,774 calories burned, 93 minutes of exercise

Sunday: 1,685 calories burned, 88 minutes of exercise

Yesterday, I weighed myself and dropped 2lbs. I am currently at 303lbs. Yeah, big deal. My problem is I can’t get under 300lbs. So I’m not surprised by this but am motivated to make some plans to start trending down.

The week of September 20: The week started out that I wanted to make plans after learning that I had lost weight. But I didn’t do it until Wednesday. So I talked with my Mom (a former exercise fitness trainer), and we made some suggestions for a better diet, and I went ahead and made plans for my weight goals on Wednesday. Let me tell you about my Mom real quick. She is called drill Sargent by me. And the reason why I call her that is as kids; she used to wake all 3 of us up in the morning at 5:00am and go jogging around the apartment complex, which is the size of a football field. If I remember correctly, we only ran around the complex once to start, and as we got used to it, we did it twice. Did you figure out how I got my habit of waking up so early? Anyways, that’s when the real change started for me! But getting through this week will be a challenge. Even though I planned out my week with weight loss goals, I wasn’t confident in losing weight. I pushed on anyway. Here are my results of exercising and calories burned this week. On average, I burned 1,507 calories and exercised for 68 minutes.

Weight Loss Plans and Exercises 09/22/2021

Results by the Day

Monday: 1,660 calories burned, 100 minutes of exercise

Tuesday: 1,677 calories burned, 92 minutes of exercise

Wednesday: 1,585 calories burned, 89 minutes of exercise

Thursday: 1,371 calories burned, 56 minutes of exercise

Friday: 1,355 calories burned, 46 minutes of exercise

Saturday: 1,391 calories burned, 55 minutes of exercise

Sunday: 1,125 calories burned, 38 minutes of exercise

I weighed myself on Sunday; I dropped another 2lbs. I’m down to 301lbs. Ok, this is getting better, but the results are still slow to me. Let’s see what happened for the final week of September going into October.

Week of September 27: I didn’t record a lot here either. The reason being is I didn’t have anything significant to write since I haven’t crossed the 300lbs threshold that’s been preventing me from working out. But there is hope, so instead of writing, I just continued to work out. So here are my results. On average, I burned 1,567 calories and did 74 minutes of exercise.

Results by day:

Monday: 1,579 calories burned, 78 minutes of exercise

Tuesday: 1,417 calories burned, 76 minutes of exercise

Wednesday: 1,633 calories burned, 78 minutes of exercise

Thursday: 1,594 calories burned, 78 minutes of exercise

Friday: 1,693 calories burned, 77 minutes of exercise

Saturday: 1,623 calories burned, 77 minutes of exercise

Sunday: 1,430 calories burned, 55 minutes of exercise

On Sunday, I weighed myself and finally got down under 300lbs. I weighed 299. I lost 2 more pounds. I was elated! I was amazed that even though I was confident that I would not get under 300lbs, I still stuck to it. You keep working hard to get to where you want to be. Folks, stay productive!

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