Directions III

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/08/2022 8:00am

11 When right-living people bless the city, it flourishes;

    evil talk turns it into a ghost town in no time.

12 Mean-spirited slander is heartless;

    quiet discretion accompanies good sense.

13 A gadabout gossip can’t be trusted with a secret,

    but someone of integrity won’t violate a confidence.

14 Without good direction, people lose their way;

    the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.

15 Whoever makes deals with strangers is sure to get burned;

    if you keep a cool head, you’ll avoid rash bargains.

-Proverbs 11:11-15 The Message

11 By the blessing of the upright, a city is exalted,

    but by the mouth of the wicked, it is overthrown.

12 Whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense,

    but a man of understanding remains silent.

13 Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets,

    but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered.

14 Where there is no guidance, a people falls,

    but in an abundance of counselors, there is safety.

15 Whoever puts up security for a stranger will surely suffer harm,

    but he who hates striking hands in pledge is secure.

Verse 14 study: A good leader will use the tool of wise counselors. A person’s perspective and understanding are limited; they may not have all the facts or are blinded by bias, emotions, or wrong impressions. To be a wise leader at home, at church, or at work, seek counsel from others, and be open to their advice. Then, after getting all the facts, make your decision.

Author: Darren Watts

My name is Darren. I started sharing devotions in June 2019. As one of the ministry leaders at my church. One reason why I started devotions is because of the lack of inspiration and motivation in our lives. It is hard to be encouraged with a lot of negativity going around. I invite you to be encouraged by the word of God. Our struggles can be personal, at the workplace, and the lack of community in our lives. When we go through hard times, we need the word of God. Please read them and be encouraged. I also started a podcast talking about racism and discrimination. Please take a moment to check that out as well. Afternoon Coffee Break with Darren Watts.

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