Troubling Path V

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/26/2022 8:00am

25 Souls are saved by truthful witness

    and betrayed by the spread of lies.

26 The Fear-of-God builds up confidence

    and makes a world safe for your children.

27 The Fear-of-God is a spring of living water

    So you won’t go off drinking from poisoned wells.

28 The mark of a good leader is loyal followers;

    leadership is nothing without a following.

29 Slowness to anger makes for deep understanding;

    a quick-tempered person stockpiles stupidity.

30 A sound mind makes for a robust body,

    but runaway emotions corrode the bones.

-Proverbs 14:25-30 The Message

25 A truthful witness saves lives,

    but one who breathes out lies is deceitful.

26 In the fear of the Lord, one has strong confidence,

    and his children will have a refuge.

27 The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life

    that one may turn away from the snares of death.

28 In a multitude of people is the glory of a king,

    but without people, a prince is ruined.

29 Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding,

    but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly.

30 A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh,

    but envy makes the bones rot.

Verse 25 study: No point in having leadership if there are no followers to follow.

Verse 26 study: Refuge: a shelter, refuge, protection, fortress, hope, a place of trust, and a shelter from the storms. Reread the Scripture. How powerful is this? How comforting is His truth?

Verse 29 study: A quick temper is like a wildfire. It can do harm around us and in its path. Anger divides us and allows us to make bad decisions that can cause bitterness and guilt. Anger is not wrong because it can be a legitimate reason for injustice and sin. When you feel angry, find the cause. Are you reacting to a bad situation that you waited to set right? Or is it personal and your plan to act selfishly in response to a personal insult? Take time to pray that God will help you control your feelings into good actions and forget your selfish anger through humility and repentance.

Troubling Path IV

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/25/2022 8:00am

17 The hotheaded do things they’ll later regret;

    the coldhearted get the cold shoulder.

18 Foolish dreamers live in a world of illusion;

    wise realists plant their feet on the ground.

19 Eventually, evil will pay tribute to good;

    the wicked will respect God-loyal people.

20 An unlucky loser is shunned by all,

    but everyone loves a winner.

21 It’s criminal to ignore a neighbor in need,

    but compassion for the poor—what a blessing!

22 Isn’t it obvious that conspirators lose out

    while the thoughtful win love and trust?

23 Hard work always pays off;

    mere talk puts no bread on the table.

24 The wise accumulate wisdom;

    fools get stupider by the day.

-Proverbs 14:17-21 The Message

17 A man of quick temper acts foolishly,

    and a man of evil devices is hated.

18 The simple inherit folly,

    but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.

19 The evil bow down before the good,

    the wicked at the gates of the righteous.

20 The poor is disliked even by his neighbor,

    but the rich has many friends.

21 Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner,

    but blessed is he who is generous to the poor.

22 Do they not go astray who devise evil?

    Those who devise good meet steadfast love and faithfulness.

23 In all toil, there is profit,

    but mere talk tends only to poverty.

24 The crown of the wise is their wealth,

    but the folly of fools brings folly.

Verses 20-21 studies: The rich are referred to for help from a human standpoint, whereas caring for the poor will reward happiness.

Verse 23 study: The battle of values shows that work wins over talking.

Troubling Path II

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/23/2022 8:00am

6 Cynics look high and low for wisdom—and never find it;

    the open-minded find it right on their doorstep!

7 Escape quickly from the company of fools;

    they’re a waste of your time, a waste of your words.

8 The wisdom of the wise keeps life on track;

    the foolishness of fools lands them in the ditch.

9 The stupid ridicule right and wrong,

    but a moral life is a favored life.

10 The person who shuns the bitter moments of friends

    will be an outsider at their celebrations.

-Proverbs 14:6-10 The Message

6 A scoffer seeks wisdom in vain,

    but knowledge is easy for a man of understanding.

7 Leave the presence of a fool,

    for there you do not meet words of knowledge.

8 The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way,

    but the folly of fools is deceiving.

9 Fools mock at the guilt offering,

    but the upright enjoy acceptance.

10 The heart knows its own bitterness,

    and no stranger shares its joy.

Verse 6 study: Scoffers are known to mock every word of instruction or advice. They will never find wisdom; they don’t seek instruction or guidance seriously. Wisdom comes to those who pay attention to experienced people and God. If you are seeking wisdom, and it doesn’t come easy to you, try changing your attitude. that may be your barrier to knowledge.

Verse 9 study: How often do you find goodwill? We see angry drivers act crazy towards others in the streets or disgruntled employees and employees demanding rights. But the common ground of God’s people should be goodwill. People with goodwill think the best of each other and assume that others have good motives and intend to do right. When someone crosses you, ask yourself how you can show goodwill towards this person.

Verse 10 study: Your inner pain and feelings are a private matter that most people won’t understand. Don’t expect people to understand your feelings.

Troubling Path I

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/22/2022 8:00am

A Way That Leads to Hell

14 Lady Wisdom builds a lovely home;

    Sir Fool comes along and tears it down brick by brick.

2 An honest life shows respect for God;

    a degenerate life is a slap in his face.

3 Frivolous talk provokes a derisive smile;

    wise speech evokes nothing but respect.

4 No cattle, no crops;

    a good harvest requires a strong ox for the plow.

5 A true witness never lies;

    a false witness makes a business of it.

Proverbs 14:1-5 The Message

14 The wisest of women builds her house,

    but folly with her own hands tears it down.

2 Whoever walks in uprightness fears the Lord,

    but he, who is devious in his ways, despises him.

3 By the mouth of a fool comes a rod for his back,

    but the lips of the wise will preserve them.

4 Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean,

    but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.

5 A faithful witness does not lie,

    but a false witness breathes out lies.

Verse 1 study:  We discussed tearing down and building with your tongue. This passage of Scripture is about a woman building or tearing down your house with her hands based on foolishness. The proverb woman is compared as either being wise or foolish. This is a rare proverb talking about feminine behavior. Her hands are the symbol of her actions or behavior. She can destroy her family or build it.

Verse 4 study: No action? There will be no problems. But, sometimes, you have to be willing to have the power (the ox) to put up with the clutter that comes with it.

When a farmer doesn’t have oxen, the animal manger is empty. The only way to keep your life free of people’s problems is to keep it free of others. If your life is devoid of people, it is useless; if you live for yourself, your life loses meaning. So don’t avoid people; serve, share your faith, and work for justice. Is your life clean but empty? Does it show you serving God wholeheartedly?

Be With The Wise V

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/21/2022 8:00am

22 A good life gets passed on to the grandchildren;

    ill-gotten wealth ends up with good people.

23 Banks foreclose on the farms of the poor,

    or else the poor lose their shirts to crooked lawyers.

24 A refusal to correct is a refusal to love;

    love your children by disciplining them.

25 An appetite for good brings much satisfaction,

    but the belly of the wicked always wants more.

-Proverbs 13:22-25 The Message

22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children,

    but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.

23 The fallow ground of the poor would yield much food,

    but it is swept away through injustice.

24 Whoever spares the rod hates his son,

    but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

25 The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite,

    but the belly of the wicked suffers want.

Verse 22 study: A good person expects his foresight to bless his posterity. A sinner accumulates what will soon go to the righteous.

Verse 23 study: The poor suffer through an unrealized potential of their resources; they also suffer through injustice because it takes away their possessions.

The injustice of society makes it hard for the poor to live. A poor man or woman’s soul may be good, but they are continually robbed of producing what they can contribute to life. This Proverb, it is not taken lightly about poverty; the Proverb is serious about this topic. Proverbs don’t wink at it and move on. It’s clearly an injustice for the poor and minority, whichever one you prefer to call it. The Proverb describes what happens with the poor. As followers of Christ, we have to fight for people that are injustice in every dimension. When we fight, it may look like we are not getting anywhere, but the thought of God’s wisdom will prevail and win overall.

Verse 24 study: It is never easy to discipline a child, but it is necessary. God gave parents the tremendous honor of nurturing and guiding their children. However, the lack of discipline doubts the parents’ love for the child because of the lack of direction and development. Discipline is the prevention of disaster, and without correction of right and wrong, children will have no clear path of right and wrong and where they are being guided in life. So, don’t be afraid to discipline your child because it is an act of love. Keep in mind there is a difference between discipline and abusing a child. Physical abuse is not the answer. Discipline is used to guide and teach. Inflicting pain on a child without a cause is physical abuse. If you have a temper problem and are set off based on what the child is doing, that is not a disciplinary issue but clearly physical abuse. However, remember that your efforts won’t make your children wise. They can only be encouraged to seek God’s wisdom to be wise.

Be With The Wise IV

Monday, June 20, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/20/2022 8:00am

17 Irresponsible talk makes a real mess of things,

    but a reliable reporter is a healing presence.

18 Refuse discipline and end up homeless;

    embrace correction and live an honored life.

19 Souls who follow their hearts thrive;

    fools bent on evil despise matters of soul.

20 Become wise by walking with the wise;

    hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.

21 Disaster entraps sinners,

    but God-loyal people get a good life.

-Proverbs 13:17-21 The Message

17 A wicked messenger falls into trouble,

    but a faithful envoy brings healing.

18 Poverty and disgrace come to him who ignores instruction,

    but whoever heeds reproof is honored.

19 A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul,

    but to turn away from evil is an abomination to fools.

20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise,

    but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

21 Disaster pursues sinners,

    but the righteous are rewarded with good.

Verse 17 study: In Solomon’s day, the king relied on messengers about his country. These messengers had to be trustworthy; otherwise, inaccurate information could lead to bad situations. Even today, reliable information is vital. If you are learning information different from what is sent, marriages, businesses, and diplomatic relationships can all break down. Choose your words to avoid reacting until you can choose your words well and understand what people are trying to say.

Verse 20 study: An old expression goes, “A rotten apple spoils the barrel,” is applies to friendship in many situations and with good reason. Friends and associates affect us many times. Be careful who you choose as your friends. Spend time with people you want to be like because friends grow to be alike.

People need advice and sometimes are uncomfortable asking. But, at the same time, people tend to go to their friends for advice because they can relate. Friends relate so much that they have answers they have already heard of before, which is why it is hard for friends that are alike to give answers to the situation. Seek out older people, wise people. They can advise us more because they live life, have been through it, and can provide advice without hesitation. Godly people can warn you of the pitfalls ahead.

Be With The Wise III

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/19/2022 8:00am

11 Easy come, easy go,

    but steady diligence pays off.

12 Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick,

    but a sudden good break can turn life around.

13 Ignore the Word and suffer;

    honor God’s commands and grow rich.

14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life,

    so no more drinking from death-tainted wells!

15 Sound thinking makes for gracious living,

    but liars walk a rough road.

16 A commonsense person lives good sense;

    fools litter the country with silliness.

-Proverbs 13:11-16 The Message

11 Wealth gained hastily will dwindle,

    but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.

12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

    but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

13 Whoever despises the word brings destruction on himself,

    but he who reveres the commandment will be rewarded.

14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life

    that one may turn away from the snares of death.

15 Good sense wins favor,

    but the way of the treacherous is their ruin.

16 Every prudent man acts with knowledge,

    but a fool flaunts his folly.

Verse 13 study:  Just like an inventor loves their inventions, knows them, and creates them, it’s the same with God. He loves us, knows us, and makes us. When you have a new thing to operate, you read the instructions to understand how to care for it and properly set it up. The Bible is our manual. Obey God’s directions; you will be suitable and function correctly. If you ignore the instructions of any invention, you run the risk of accidents, failure, and possible breakdowns.

Be With The Wise I

Friday, June 17, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/17/2022 8:00am

Walk with the Wise

13 Intelligent children listen to their parents;

    foolish children do their own thing.

2 The good acquire a taste for helpful conversation;

    bullies push and shove their way through life.

3 Careful words make for a careful life;

    careless talk may ruin everything.

4 Indolence wants it all and gets nothing;

    the energetic have something to show for their lives.

5 A good person hates false talk;

    a bad person wallows in gibberish.

-Proverbs 13:1-5 The Message

13 A wise son hears his father’s instruction,

    but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke.

2 From the fruit of his mouth, a man eats what is good,

    but the desire of the treacherous is for violence.

3 Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life;

    he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.

4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,

    while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

5 The righteous hates falsehood,

    but the wicked brings shame and disgrace.

Verse 3 study: Self-control is one of the most significant tests of control you will face. You haven’t learned self-control until you have to make decisions to hurt or heal with your tongue. James understood this truth and stated, “The tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things.”  If you want self-control, control your tongue. Take a moment and think before reacting or speaking. If you can control the influential member, you can control the rest of your body.

5 So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things.

How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!

-James 3:5 ESV

Learning V

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/16/2022 8:00am

24 The diligent find freedom in their work;

    the lazy are oppressed by work.

25 Worry weighs us down;

    a cheerful word picks us up.

26 A good person survives misfortune,

    but a wicked life invites disaster.

27 A lazy life is an empty life,

    but “early to rise” gets the job done.

28 Good men and women travel right into life;

    sin’s detours take you straight to hell.

-Proverbs 12:24-28 The Message

24 The hand of the diligent will rule,

    while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

25 Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down,

    but a good word makes him glad.

26 One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor,

    but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

27 Whoever is slothful will not roast his game,

    but the diligent man will get precious wealth.

28 In the path of righteousness is life,

    and in its pathway, there is no death.

Verse 26 study: The righteous are not exempt from dangers from evil companions.

Verse 27 study: It is pointless to hunt if you are too lazy to cook the game. The active use their possessions and resources, while the lazy waste them. Waste has shown the way of life of those who live on ample land and is poor stewardship. Make use of what God gives you and prize it.

Verse 28 study: Many people believe death is a darkened door at the end of life. A passageway to an unknown and feared destiny. God’s people see death as a bright passageway for a better life. Why do we fear death? It’s a pain we expect, separation from loved ones. God can help us deal with those fears. He shows that death is not final. It’s another step in the eternal life we receive when we follow him.

Learning IV

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 06/15/2022 8:00am

17 Truthful witness by a good person clears the air,

    but liars lay down a smoke screen of deceit.

18 Rash language cuts and maims,

    but there is healing in the words of the wise.

19 Truth lasts;

    lies are here today, gone tomorrow.

20 Evil scheming distorts the schemer;

    peace-planning brings joy to the planner.

21 No evil can overwhelm a good person,

    but the wicked have their hands full of it.

22 God can’t stomach liars;

    he loves the company of those who keep their word.

23 Prudent people don’t flaunt their knowledge;

    talkative fools broadcast their silliness.

-Proverbs 12:17-23 The Message

17 Whoever speaks the truth gives honest evidence,

    but a false witness utters deceit.

18 There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts,

    but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

19 Truthful lips endure forever,

    but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

20 Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil,

    but those who plan peace have joy.

21 No ill befalls the righteous,

    but the wicked are filled with trouble.

22 Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,

    but those who act faithfully are his delight.

23 A prudent man conceals knowledge,

    but the heart of fools proclaims folly.

Verse 19 study: The timing of truth is applicable, especially today and in the future. This is changeless because the truth is connected with God’s changeless character. Go back in time; centuries passed since the book of Proverbs was written. Understand the countless hours spent studying every sentence of Scripture. The Bible has withstood the test of time Since God is truth. Trust His Word can give your guidelines.

Verse 21 study: This is general information. It is not unusual, but it’s true. Unfortunately, harm does occur to the righteous. The good thing is that the righteous can see opportunities in their problems and keep them moving. The wicked, on the other hand, without God’s wisdom, are not prepared to handle their issues.

Verse 23 study: Mindful people have a quiet confidence. Insecure people or uncertain people feel they have a point to prove, but the prudent don’t have that need. They know what they are capable of, so they can get on with their work. Be mindful of showing off. If you are muted, people may not notice but will eventually respect you later down the road.

Verses 17-22 studies: Your words and power tools can go both ways, honor or dishonor God. These depend on wisdom and truth.