Change Your Attitude!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 01/07/2022

I hear the 4:00 am alarm going off. Ugh, I complained, getting out of bed to get my water chugged down for the day. Calories burn goal? Check! Exercise goal? Check! Stand goal? Check! At this point, I needed to wake up as the water didn’t kick in yet. I got ready and was out the door by 5:00 am. I’m still dragging a bit, but I got to the gym and started working out. First thing first, I got on the treadmill, then the bike. Did both of them for 20 minutes. I felt good but in a lot of back pain, mainly my lower back. It goes back to my stomach carrying my back, which is why I’m at the gym in the first place. I burned 1,174 calories and did 42 minutes of exercise. I’m determined to change this attitude of mine. I went home, showered, changed clothes, and sure enough, went into the kitchen and ate everything, including breakfast. I will say that exercise does build up an appetite, but what I’m eating won’t help me. Sure, the breakfast was okay, protein such as sausage, eggs, and hot cereal. The rest of the day, snacking as usual. Food addiction is a growing pain to stop the addiction. It is up to me to change the most challenging addiction in the world for me; food. I accept the challenge!


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ugh! Here we go again. The 4:00 am alarm going off. I took a minute and had to set something straight with myself. I’m battling two complex issues here. One, the lack of motivation. If I am going to achieve my goals, I have to be more optimistic about it. Ready to get up in the morning, ready to chug down water, and prepared to stretch to start out the day. Basically, I have to turn myself into a morning person. Waking up negatively will not help me. Two, the food addiction. The more I wake up in a lousy mood, unmotivated with no purpose, the more I’ll eat. Depression leads to me eating. That’s why food is an addiction, and motivation is difficult to maintain. I finally got up, stretched, drank my water, read a little bit, and felt good afterward, ready to hit the gym.

There is something about me a lot of people don’t know. I have social anxiety. I went to counseling a couple of times and then stopped because of my fear. I felt judged by my counselor, and that bothered me. So I stopped getting treatment. Going to the gym does not help the situation because it is terrifying. Group chats are difficult for me. Social gatherings such as church bother me. You name it; it probably affects me. Doing things in the morning while everybody is sleeping is essential for me. Reading and exercising is helps me cope with social anxiety a little. But enough to get me out there and get going before everybody else shows up. I got to the gym with very few people there and did the usual treadmill and bicycling. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 23 minutes on the cycle. I burned 1,005 calories for the day and did a total of 38 minutes of exercising. I really feel good now; working out the stress, tension, and sweat with my body really got me going. I realize that hard work is not so bad if you allow yourself to do it. I went home and ate breakfast, and showered as usual, but what changed was, I didn’t snack throughout the day. I drank water and waited until dinner to eat. Is this the beginning of the process I’ve been missing?


The Excuses

The Complaining

Darren’s Blog Instagram Post. 01/05/2022

Monday, July 19, 2021

It’s hard enough to get motivated when you are 6’0, 309 lbs. At this time, I was 299 lbs. I gained all of it back and more. Today was one of those days I wanted to exercise, but my excuse was my back. What was my motivation to start the day? Breakfast and two cups of coffee. I realized I made more excuses for exercising than eating breakfast in the morning. I’m want to get the weight off my stomach so my back will stop hurting. There is currently no diet; I’m eating sweets and junk food and working on drinking a gallon of water a day to wash or cleanse my body, which I admit I’ve done good up to this point. Here is my excuse, drinking water is my way of losing weight without hard work.

I’m not kidding; that’s precisely what I wrote. That was my truth then. Now, I realize it is the biggest lie known to humankind. It’s the complaining, the excuses I kept making to not want to put in the work to lose the weight. It is called laziness. If I am not willing to put in the work, what is the point? When I don’t drink water, I feel like crap. I have no energy, brain frog, irritable, and a day wasted because I don’t have the energy to do anything. I feel more energized, relaxed, and productive when I drink water. Now, all of this is true, but I am still making excuses for why I shouldn’t exercise. Besides going to work, other ways of being productive are self-education. I am productive by working on my blogs, writing, podcasts, Microsoft Excel projects, and reading. So how am I going to get back on track? Start my water intake in the morning and start my exercise. Let’s see if I do that.

The Decision

Sunday, August 15, 2021

It’s about a month later, not too much happened. Weight fluctuated between July and August. I never did exercise other than lift weights once a week, if not at all. There was no motivation at all. I enjoyed the food I ate, so I wasn’t complaining only when I had to walk, and my back started hurting. Well, what are you going to do, Darren? Continue to make excuses or do something about it?

Weight Fluctuation Chart

I just had Sunday dinner. Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, garlic cheese bread, and meatloaf. I accepted eating all this food in the past few years, especially now. But, unfortunately, I didn’t move around to help keep my weight in check. The fact is, I was heading towards a danger zone, too heavy to walk, health complications, everything. On this day, I’m 6’0, 305 lbs. So, things got to change, and I have to be the one to make those changes. So, I decided on August 16; I would go back to the gym. I don’t have a plan; all I know is I’m getting on a machine and will use it. I have no plans, all these ideas, but no plans. Ideas such as fasting, tracker, diet plans. How am I going to put all this into play? I don’t know, but I do know that I am desperate. Tomorrow will be the day of change. About a month ago, I said the same thing. Will history repeat itself?

Introduction to Darren’s Blogs

Sunday August 15, 2021. The Decision.

Hi friends! On top of doing daily devotional blogs studying the Bible, I want to introduce my personal blog. I see so many discouragements on social media about body imaging and shaming. I have two goals with my personal blogs.

  1. I want to share my weight loss journey in detail. The discouragement, choices, and giving up to change it all around. Sharing your weight loss journey can be done without body shaming and by talking about the real issue; the encouragement to do it.
  2. I want to share my goals to let everyone know you can do whatever you put your mind to. Instead of watching others down you, it’s time to get up and go for your goals.

I’ll talk about my struggles, strengths, and how I set those goals and still be encouraged without seeing pictures like you see on social media. I will start from the beginning of my weight loss journey and work my way to the most current day. Enjoy!