Depending on yourself versus God

June 24, 2019

Word of the Day: Psalm 13:1 NKJV

How long O Lord?

When I have a problem, I always go to two people that know me the best, my brother and my sister. They know me so well that I can go to them about anything. Do you have anybody that is your favorite person to go to for a quick solution? Who is that person or people and why do you go to them? When I did say that my siblings know me well, who is missing from this equation? God! Why is that? My focus is not attentive to him, it is for a quick solution instead of the perfect made plan for my problem to be solved. I meditate and pray. I learn patience. I learn that God knows my problems before they are presented to me. God knows me more than my own siblings. It’s not about getting a quick solution to your problems, it’s about God and his perfect timing. I was told that our blessings and our problems sometimes come in minutes, not miles. Some come in miles and not minutes. Be patient for God. Let’s pray!

Father, you are good, and I can use help practicing patience. Help us all with patience and that your plans are better than our own. Help us to be better at relying on you and not others that can’t solve our problems that no one has control over. You know each and every one of us. In Jesus name, I pray all this, Amen!