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Sunday, March 20, 2022 & Monday March 21, 2022

I have a separate page that I have that is about me, but it is vague. So I can hear people say, “I have to do better than basic information,” or “use your words, Darren.” Okay, fine, I’ll do that now. There are some things that I am saying here that some people do not know about me that I am sharing with you. I type blogs every day; nobody doesn’t know anything about me other than what is on my about me page. So the goal today is to let it all out; who I am and my life. Well, I’ll do my best. I struggle with opening up, and I’m about to sure try it now.

I’m Darren Watts, no middle name, born on Friday, February 5, 1988. So yeah, that means I’m 34 years old. So scary. I started my mid-life crisis at midnight on February 5, 2022. I have an older sister and an older brother. I do have a niece; she is a year old now. She is growing up so fast. My only niece, no nephews, and I have never been married. I don’t take pictures, I only take pictures when I’m forced.

Aaleeyah Derren Watts on January 2022
Aaleeyah Derren Watts on January 2022
Aaleeyah Derren Watts on January 2022

What about me that I would instead write than talk about? Well, I’m single; I love to write and read. My idea of fun is being a homebody losing myself either in writing or reading a good book. I love to exercise, although I complain about it all the time. Exercising is more than being active for me; it is a stress reliever. I do two podcasts. One is Double Take Sports Talk with The Watts Brothers. It is a sports podcast that my brother and I do, talking and sometimes debating different topics from professional aspects, specialty in NBA and NFL. It’s fun; it is a stress reliever to talk things out sometimes. It’s the same with my podcast I do by myself; Afternoon Coffee Break with Darren Watts. However, I talk about discrimination and racism in America and touch on some topics outside the USA. There are many things I needed to say and couldn’t keep in no more. So I started a podcast after journaling a lot of things. Writing out both podcasts is time-consuming but is rewarding at the same time. I feel some accomplishment to be able to share your opinion on something, fact-check things, and share facts.

I’m more of a spiritual person than I am a Christian. I believe in God; I follow Christian principles but consider myself spiritual. I’m open-minded to politics, relationships, ideas, new opportunities. As for the relationship aspect, I don’t have a lot of friends. I can count on one hand how many friends I have. There are a lot of associates than friends. I’m open to having friends if it feels right. I have been single for the last 10 years, and I plan to make it another decade unless God says it is time. But I know I have to straighten myself up. To be honest, I would love friends that are broken. My biggest turn-off is when someone thinks they are perfect. That’s an automatic deal-breaker. I am broken, so why can’t I have friends that are broken? That is not perfect. It shows there are humans, not robots.

I have issues in my life that I have to work on. Everybody does. My problem could explain why I am not in a relationship. I’m addicted to pornography. I first viewed pornography during my teenage years, curious about the human body, and went in the wrong direction with it. It’s been 52 days since I viewed any pornography. The mental health aspect of this? Pornography ruined me. I stayed isolated from people; I stayed in bad moods. But since I took a stand and stopped viewing it, I have changed a lot every day. Yes, I have been in relationships; I can count that on my one hand, just three. One of my relationships involved a married woman; that was my last relationship ten years ago. The worst two years of my life. My advice? Don’t do it. If you are okay with being a side piece, then by all means. But if you are looking for something meaningful, wait until it is time with someone else. My other two relationships happened in high school and only lasted a length of an entire school year. I occupy my time doing these blogs, other writing, and reading books; my favorite books are fictional mystery books, mainly James Patterson’s book. To self-educate, I read educational books to enhance my skills.

I’m introverted; I recharge at home, alone time in my room lights out. But I’m not going to let that stop me from having meaningful conversations with people that wouldn’t mind having one. I would love to have those conversations with you. If it is not a significant or deep conversation, I will lose interest. My anxiety flares up when I am in a group conversation of more than 4 people. I automatically shut down without reason. Otherwise, I’m a gamer on the Playstation platform. When I need to problem solve, plan my day, I play Madden Football and NBA 2K. When I just need to let off steam after having a bad day or just want ideas, I play Grand Theft Auto V and go online and unleash havoc.

Other things that I like? Let’s see; I love pasta, potatoes, and my favorite snack, Praline Pecans. Things I don’t like? Someone evil, have hatred in their hearts for others, and attention-seeking people. When I’m not reading a book, writing, or doing my hobbies, I watch two tv shows. Matlock and the Golden Girls. I have the entire series of Matlock on DVD and the whole series of the Golden Girls on DVD. These are the two tv shows I will watch forever and will never get burned out. Oh, not to mention crime tv shows. I’ll watch those all day too.

Well, that is all for me for now. If you are comfortable, I would love to talk with you. There are numerous ways to contact me. I almost feel like I am a multi-personality person because of the different emails about conversations. But if you want to talk spiritual:

If it is world issues you like to talk about:

If it is a sports-related conversation:

Or if you prefer a personal conversation:

If you prefer to drop a comment below, help yourself!

If you like to game with me and have a PlayStation 4, my Gamertag is StreakyWater14.

I’m organized with things, and I am weird for doing that. Try not to judge me for that. It’s a way to not make myself insane. But thank you for your time. You can be anywhere globally, but you are right here reading this. I surely appreciate your time. Take care.