Know When God is Speaking to You

June 27, 2019

Word of the Day: When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. John 10:4 -NIV

I must admit, as I sit here at my desk in my favorite spot in the morning, preparing to open my mind and heart to the holy spirit to allow me to write this, for the first time, blank stare. What am I going to write? Sipping my cup of coffee, Bible at hand, I am stumped. From time to time, this will happen, my first time is now for writing these. The last couple of days, I kept reading and hearing, listen to the holy spirit. Do you hear me? THAT’S IT!!! How do we know when God is speaking to us? John 10:4a, his sheep will follow him because they know his voice. 

To you, both Belinda and Annie, take a moment to learn how we are in this position now. Did something happen in both of you to know that you need God to get through these days? Did you recognize a voice? Where does your strength come from? Take a moment and think about it. For me, both of you was the holy spirit speaking to me to share this. You two was no longer Annie and Belinda in my eyes. That means a lot to me. Doing this fast, I knew I was being spoken to but did not know the purpose of being spoken to. Being uncomfortable, but comfortable in my own way, sharing the word in the way I know how. In my view, that is how we came together and where we are now. Please take a moment to reflect on how we ended up together, your own story.

Father, you are good, thank you for this time. Thank you for opening up Annie and Belinda that their own strength is not relied on to get through the day and that only the holy spirit is the way to get through the day. It is okay to feel tired at times of this broken world, but better to understand that quiet time with you is always the way to hear your voice. Your voice is the answer and I thank you for your voice as it is always right! I give you all the praise, in Jesus name, Amen!