June 10, 2020

Word of the day: 3 …” Hail, king of the Jews!” And they slapped him in the face. John 19:3a NIV

Meditation: Please take the time to think about your situation. Now think of someone else that is not related to yours. How can you be sensitive towards someone else’s problem?

Discussion Board: Jesus’ crucifixion, his story is in chapter 19. Today’s verse is a small portion of it. This verse is leading up to his execution.

Let me be real outside of religion if you don’t mind, but share Jesus’ story at the same time. I will start with Jesus’ story. In this chapter, Jewish people believed that Jesus lied about being the Son of God. Jesus got accused of lying about this so many times; I can’t count it. Jesus kept telling them, no one believes him. They failed to realize that Jesus has power from above since he is the Son of God. The man that sent Jesus to the Pilate is guilty of greater sin (v.11). Why is Jesus in this situation? Because the truth came out from religious leaders that he has broken the law. The religious leaders are so hell-bent on their rules; they failed to realize who Jesus is. They were unable to be sensitive to Jesus because they refused to focus on the bigger picture, which resulted in his crucifixion. The signs were right in front of them. Jesus took control of the trial; they didn’t like that. They resorted to anger and hatred, which Jesus kept composed. In the end, it still resulted in his crucifixion. He died on the cross, and on the third day, he rose from the dead.

Let’s go outside of religion. Set your robes down, put your ego aside, set your bible aside for a moment, and let us have a conversation about current events. Let’s talk about racism for a moment. As a black man, racism, racial profiling exist every single day. Caucasian people do not understand what it is like being black. I have seen news segments titled from swimming while black, gardening while black, walking while black, and so many more. These headlines come from either racism or racial profiling. In 2016, Colin Kaepernick took a knee in silent protest about racism in America.

People got mad, criticized him, and Kaepernick ended up losing his job. Martin Luther King got killed because he protested racism in America. Now today, people all around the world are protesting because of George Floyd’s death. No matter how many times we protest, most non-colored people are not happy about it. The biggest thing out of these protests is police brutality. Police look at African Americans as a threat to them and want to kill them for no reason. No weapons, no threat at all. That is scary, walking around with a target on your back if you are African American. Breonna Taylor was sleeping at home, got killed as a result of a  no-knock warrant, and got shot seven times. No threat, but got killed. George Floyd got killed by Police, knee to the neck, and died of asphyxiation. No danger to anybody. These killings allow Caucasians and other people to justify the execution of George Floyd and other black people killed by Police.

The list is endless. Every day, we have to be sensitive to these types of situations. We can’t always shout out, “all lives matter.” Take a look at the cases I just explained. There is plenty of these stories out there. All lives can’t matter when Police are killing African Americans. How rude would it be for you to talk about your child’s death, and someone comes out of nowhere to say, “all kids’ lives matter.” Have a heart because that is blatant disrespect to the parents of that child. Plus, it is distracting the point of the parent telling their story. All black lives matter movement started because of the apparent Police brutality towards African Americans that are not a threat or unarmed. Racial gaslighting is a distraction towards those that are protesting. Take the time to understand about racism, racial profiling instead of disrespecting what African Americans are trying to protest. Be a part of the movement and the solution. Please do not be the issue.

Takeaway: Understand situations that are before you before judging and opening your mouths. These are words that hurt others. These are real human beings, real life; it is not fake. Different crises allow people to rally around those crises. The current events that need gathering around happen to be black lives, Police brutality, and racism. Please be sensitive towards issues of the world, and the bible as well. What are your takeaways?

Prayer: Father, thank you for our fellowship. The black lives movement is an essential topic that needs discussion. Jesus tells us to discuss these topics that are dividing people. My purpose in sharing Jesus’ story and of sharing the black lives movement is I believe these have similar stories. People being quiet on topics for so many years and that no one can’t have a voice. We know Jesus has his voice at the end, but African Americans didn’t have a voice. When we try to protest, no one is listening. Now that African Americans and others around the world are using their voices, it is a mixture of division out here. I apologize if the message doesn’t mix with the story of Jesus. I pray for people to have a heart and be sensitive to others. Thank you for your love. In Jesus’ name. Amen!