Who Really Got Control?

Sincerity Having Peace Instagram and WordPress blog post. 9/21/2021 8:00am

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

6 When the high priests and police saw him, they shouted in a frenzy, “Crucify! Crucify!”

Pilate told them, “You take him. You crucify him. I find nothing wrong with him.”

7 The Jews answered, “We have a law, and by that law he must die because he claimed to be the Son of God.”

8-9 When Pilate heard this, he became even more scared. So he went back into the palace and said to Jesus, “Where did you come from?”

Jesus gave no answer.

10 Pilate said, “You won’t talk? Don’t you know that I have the authority to pardon you, and the authority to—crucify you?”

-John 19:6-10 The Message

Verse 6: So when the chief priests and the officers saw Him, they cried out saying, “Crucify, crucify!” Pilate said to them, “Take Him yourselves and crucify Him, for I find no guilt in Him.

Verse 7: The Jews answered him, “We have a law, and by that law, He ought to die because He made Himself out to be the Son of God.

Verse 7 study: The truth is that religious leaders brought Jesus to Pilate because he [Jesus] broke the religious laws; Blasphemy. The religious leaders used the excuse the first time because he [Jesus] was causing rebellion against Rome. Accusing Jesus of Blasphemy would give them credibility to their case for the Jews. Treason would present the Romans with a strong case. Nobody cared about what charge Pilate gave; they wanted Pilate’s cooperation in killing Jesus.

Verse 8: Therefore, when Pilate heard this statement, he was even more afraid;

Verse 9: He entered into the Praetorium again and said to Jesus, “Where are You from?” But Jesus gave him no answer.

Verse 10: So Pilate said to Him, “You do not speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to release You, and I have authority to crucify You?”

Verse 10 study: If history teaches us anything, it is to remain calm. Jesus stayed calm and was in control throughout the entire trial. The religious leaders nor Pilate had control. Pilate fluctuated; the Jews reacted out of hatred and anger, yet again. Jesus stayed in power. Pilate and the religious leaders are on trial. The other lesson from history is when you are questioned by your faith or ridiculed, you are on trial to your accusers, while the accusers are on trial before God. The accusers may act if they have control, but God got the authority. Let them question your faith. Continue to live in faith.

Father, these verses are powerful. While we may be accused of our faith and ridiculed, those accusers are on trial before God. I pray that we remember this as we continue to share our faith boldly. After all, we are struggling to win people over because we live in Satan’s world. In Jesus’ name. Amen!