What Life Can Teach Us

Friday, June 10, 2022

It is notable that as you live life, things you do or say can encourage you or disappoint you. Unfortunately, the last few days have been a complete slap to the face and a wake-up call of disrespect I failed to see in many ways. I care a lot for people, whether I admit that or not, but I quietly do my best. I’m a gentle person but also a sensitive person.

So this morning, I received a message encouragingly changing my attitude. I didn’t realize that I changed someone’s life with a simple quote. They never got to say thank you, and out of the blue this morning, they finally got the chance to say thank you. I didn’t expect it. You never know what seeds you plant in others. That’s what I love to do, spread words of kindness to people that make it stick. It works for many people but doesn’t for someone with an ego or who is not a priority.

The point of this story is? Stay positive and encouraged, and continue to spread love. Even when you are down, your words can affect anyone. Stay close to those that show love to you through their actions. In the end, anybody can tell you one thing, but their actions don’t back it up. Don’t waste time with people or things you work so hard to love and care for that it starts to show disrespect in your self-care. It’s not worth it. People who show compassion will come around, and their actions will reveal everything you need to see and have.

Thanks for reading. You may carry on with your day!