Out of my Comfort Zone

Friday, March 18, 2022

For the first time in my life, I’m about to do something out of my comfort zone. What I am about to write is authentic, but I don’t want anybody to take it the wrong way or out of context. It is in my heart to write this out. It should be in my journal, but writing this in my journal is not enough for me. What I want to accomplish here is to get this off my chest and share something I don’t always share. I keep most of my feelings to myself, but today, I have to release this feeling I have. I want to bring attention without making anybody feel uncomfortable. Still, I don’t have the guts to say it to everybody or one person.

Two months ago, my eyes and soul were amazed at the writing I saw. But, of course, everybody that writes blogs has a unique writing style. I love coming on to WordPress to see the writing people have. I am blessed to be able to witness writing that is different from authors that write books and publishes them. But unfortunately, some people believe that the blog writing world is not practical. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this statement for those who say it because they never read true, creative blogs. What people don’t understand is that blogs can be helpful for information or for those who want to share their talents in writing. People thrive off information and different ideas to help them. I saw a lot on WordPress, and the people I follow are impressive and talented creative writers. But, unfortunately, everybody I follow makes my blogs look amateurish, like a fish out of water. Yet, I can tell the amount of work people put into their blogs to make it such a fantastic piece of writing. Creative writers that write short stories are outstanding. You may need to hear this. But, if you feel like me, please don’t because everybody’s writing is perfect. I can’t get on to everybody’s writing post to thank them and tell them how much I enjoy their writing but know your work is unnoticed. A lot of time and effort goes into each written post, and that is time you will never get back. So, if you hear people talk about blogs are not practical, take it with a grain of salt.

I’m not particularly eager to single anybody out, but I have to. My real reason for writing this is that one person sticks out to me. I’m not calling out this person. I don’t know this person, but it feels like I have known them for a long time. This person stands out after reading short stories that I don’t read. They have a way with their words, and I feel refreshed after reading them. This person is talented at what they do. Every time they put out a new short story or creative writing, there is a renewed sense of writing in me. But I never go through with creative writing because I don’t have it in me to write a short story or do some creative writing. But this person releases a temporary beast in me to do writing, but I stop and never finish. This person inspires me, and I admire this person every day. They will never know that unless I tell them personally, which I never do. I’m not good with words, which may be jibberish to many of you because what goes on in my head never comes out write (right) on paper. This person has my heart and soul when it comes to writing. It is hard to explain why I’m attracted to their writing. Maybe they are going through something I can relate to, or this person is a soulmate and doesn’t realize it. I honestly don’t know. If anybody reads my blogs, I don’t open up to people, and it is hard for me to do that.

I don’t feel any better, but this is a start because there are plenty of things I should be saying. Unfortunately, my ego is in the way, and that is fine. At least I did this much. There may be another post with more; there may not be. But this is where I will stop. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read this, and thank you to everyone who writes blogs. You guys rock!